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Stage Rigging Kit Cold Water

Stage Rigging Kit Cold Water

Stage-Rigging Kit Complete stage-rigging kit including stainless steel cylinder holder, stainless cylinder clamp and rubber loop set. The rubber loop set is also available separately.

Stage Straps elastic

Stage Straps elastic
Stage Straps elastic This tank strap replaces the ordinary rubber band on stage tanks or sidemount systems.

Item-No.: SFSBS40s

  • Stage Straps Elastic 40 cuft

Item-No.: SFSBS80s

  • Stage Straps Elastic 80 cuft

Stage Straps rubber

Stage Straps rubber

Item-No.: SFAC8046
  • Stage Straps rubber 40 cuft     

Item-No.: SFAC8048

  • Stage Straps rubber 80 cuft   



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