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For decades, trilaminatedrysuits have been produced in the same manner. In an elaborate process, waterproof material is sewn together by a machine which perforates the material and creating thousands of holes that must be subsequently sealed with an additional process and method.

Item-No.: SFENST


A new dimension in dry diving. Agility meets durability.

In cooperation with our material supplier, Fothergill Polycom, we have developed a dry suit that sets new standards.   Fothergill’s newest, innovative TYGATEX®material combines two of the most important factors for a dry suit: agility and durability. The ripstop nylon with a polyester feel meets all important requirements for drysuits. Easy dressing; wonderful texture, and excellent movement.   Additionally, the manufacturing and assembly process of the XPEDTIONsets new standards. Most importantly, the new Scubaforce Double Seal Technology. In a process which was developed by SCUBAFORCE, all seams are double sealed.Based on our decades of experience with Aquasure sealedseams,weare additionally combining this proventechnology with an extra machine-coated tape. This specialized seam tape is manufactured by a German company that typically provides products to the automotive industry.Flexibility and abrasion resistance are the main factors here.   With the new XPEDITION we adhere to our motto: HIGHTECH MADE IN EUROPE Item-No.: SFTRI


maximum protection for maximum flexibility!


In collaboration with our material supplier, Fothergill Polycom, we developed a dry suit that set new standards, the ScubaForce Xpedition. The TYGATEX® material combines the two most important features of a dry suit: flexibility and durability.

Thenar Drysuitgloves

Thenar Drysuitgloves

ScubaForce Thenar Drysuit Gloves with their unique oval ring sets provide more freedom of movement than traditional ring systems and are perfectly designed for technical diving. The oval Thenar rings are constructed of hard, anodized aluminum and the shape of the ring is devised to match the shape of the hand and follow the lines created by the thenar muscle.  This results in a much lower ring circumference compared to standard rings with a constant diameter. The divers hand easily reaches through the Thenar ring and into the glove and all handling, such as reaching in the suit pocket or performing a valve drilsl is much easier.  The full system includes guard rings for the gloves as well as the drysuit seal.  The included robust O-rings provide a secure and permanent seal.  This practical plug-in system makes the assembly and disassembly of the gloves very easy. The material and design of the glove offers extreme durability and flexibility. 

Item-No.: SFPV

ScubaForce P-Valve

ScubaForce P-Valve

Adequate hydration is essential to proper decompression.  A P-valve affords the diver the peace of mind to properly hydrate long before the dive without worry. The ScubaForce P-Valve features an extremely low-profile construction.  (Outer body only 0.3”)  The one-way check valve is integrated into the inner body.  The large diaphragm diameter reduces resistance while urinating to a minimum. 

Item-No.:  SFPV



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