Dry Suits

Thenar Drysuitgloves

Thenar Drysuitgloves

The ultimate Dry Glove System for divers who are constantly

searching for the best product. Made from the highest quality

materials, the SCUBAFORCE Thenar system offers unmatched


The key components are the hard-anodized aluminum rings with

their unique oval shape. The shape of the rings was modeled after

the Thenar muscle in the wrist. Thus, the system provides a small

scale while retaining the maximum diameter. The smaller the

profile, the better the handling.


The system is simply interlocked and sealed over thick, robust

O-rings. The gloves are stable, highly rip and tear resistant and

still offer a high degree of mobility. Protection rings for the suit

and glove side round off the overall positive impression.

And finally: of course high-quality fleece gloves are included

with the Thenar system.

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