The sidemount system from SCUBA FORCE that leaves nothing to be desired. 

Modular systems and the highest quality have always distinguished SCUBA
FORCE products. With the BLADE SIDEMOUNT SYSTEM, this combination has
been particularly successful. Whether in the open ocean or deep in the
narrowest cave, the BLADE SIDEMOUNT SYSTEM can be easily configured to
your wishes. We have always paid attention to quality, which is why we not
only rely on European suppliers for materials, but also produce in Europe.


The core - The BLADE bladder

Made from a ballistic Cordura material, the outer shell offers maximum abrasion resistance while still being flexible enough to fit snugly against the body. The inner bladder is made of nylon for added protection against damage. The connections for the inflator and the pressure relief valves are ultrasonically welded.

In total, the BLADE bladder has three connection points. So the inflator can be mounted either left, right or over the shoulder. The upper quick-release offers maximum ease of use for recreational diving, as it can be easily operated from the front. Taring thus becomes child's play. The quick upper release can be closed for technical diving with a highly stable blind plug. The blind plug is included with every system.

The BLADE has 5 wing bungee attachment loops (three in the upper and two in the lower area). Optimal positioning and a tight-fitting wing are thus always guaranteed. On the inside is the Attachment Strap, to which the bladder can be attached to the urinals.


The BLADE bladder has two reinforced attachment points in the lower area, which can be easily accessed via the zipper. Here, if necessary, the butt pad can be mounted. The inner bladder is extra protected at this point and can thus not be damaged.



This completely redesigned pad is equipped with a total of six weight pockets with a total capacity of 12-15 kg. The pockets are located to the left and right of the spine and are easily accessible without disassembling the BLADE system.

Unpleasant pressure points when using more significant amounts of lead, such as when using a dry suit, are a thing of the past. The double-sided arrangement also offers the possibility to influence the trim.

On the left and right sides of the BLADE Soft Pad are universal mounting points for argon bottles or battery tanks of lamps or heating systems. 


BLADE Back Plate

Based on the proven shape of the SCUBA FORCE BLACK DEVIL PLATES, we have created a sidemount plate that offers maximum freedom of movement with maximum stability due to its shape. This is the perfect choice for Sidemount CCR divers and also offers the highest comfort for Open Circuit divers.


  • Salt water resistant stainless steel
  • Powder coated
  • Length: 48 cm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg




Thanks to three different BLADE harness systems



The BLADE Comfort Harness is mounted directly on the BLADE Soft Pad. The weight pockets are located on the left and right sides of the spine and are easy to reach. On the left and right sides of the soft pad, there are mounting points for argon bottles or accumulator tanks. The Comfort Harness is based on the longproven SCUBA FORCE Cobra Harness.

The buckles have a safety mechanism where the opening is only possible with two fingers. They are made of a high-quality and temperature-resistant polymer.

To ensure the best possible wearing comfort, SCUBA FORCE Shoulder Pads are mounted in the upper part.

The adjustable front straps are mounted with the help of our Comfort Clips. The BLADE comes standard with six D-rings and two tank holders.

And: All BLADE harnesses are delivered entirely pre-assembled, so only minor adjustments must be made before entering the water.



... Robust but comfortable

The BLADE Tech Harness is mounted directly on the Soft Pad.

This provides the same comfortable lead system as the BLADE Comfort Harness.

In the front area, the BLADE Tech lives up to its name. Here it is all about technical diving under the highest loads.

Robust webbing from German production and quality control offers the highest safety and performance.

Of course, no compromises are made in the metal accessories. The BLADE Tech set comes with everything the sidemount diver needs and desires.



... The minimalist

The BLADE Pure Harness is also part of the Blade System and is aimed at divers for whom sidemount diving means a purist minimum of equipment.

The BLADE Pure Harness is configured using the Upper and Lower essential Plates.

Depending on body size, the BLADE Wing is attached to the Essential Plates or the Wing Slide Tri Glide with Book Screws.

With the Slide Tri Glide, the position of the bladder can be changed by sliding it up or down.



The BLADE wing is simply attached to the plates via two bookscrews.

As simple as it gets: The BLADE PURE!

Upper and lower essential plate

The upper and lower sidemount plates allow simple, essential sidemount harnesses to be configured. The holes allow the sidemount wing to be attached directly to the plates using "Book Screws" (primarily for divers of smaller heights). A lead system can also be mounted here if needed. Suitable for standard 50mm webbing.

Wing slide tri glide with bungee mount

With the "Wing Slide Tri Glide", the position of the sidemount wing can be changed by sliding it up or down. In addition, the hole allows the upper part of the sidemount wing to be attached using a "Book Screw". Suitable for standard 50mm webbing.


Bungee Hook

The "Bungee Hook" connects the two sides of the sidemount wing using a bungee. It is a comfortable and close-fitting alternative to the Bolt Snap. With smooth edges, she cleanly deburred.


Sliding D-Rings

A sliding, 50mm stainless steel D-ring with 4 stays for the belly strap. If the tanks have negative or positive buoyancy, the sliding D-ring can be used to adjust the horizontal position of the stage or sidemount tanks.
It can be used with the standard D-rings and SCUBA FORCE Low Profile D-rings..

Sidemount tank holder

The "Tank Holder" position is at the back of the abdominal belt, to the right and left of the spine. Here the sidemount tanks can be hooked in.

Furthermore, bags or other accessories (e.g. spools, reels, buoys, lamp tank etc.) can be attached to it.
The Tank Holder is slightly curved so that it protrudes a little from the body and makes clipping in objects easier.


Book Screws

Book Screws are used to attach the Blade Wing to the Harness.

Each kit contains two complete sets. They are manufactured from marine-grade chrome-plated brass..