Robust, reliable and perfectly designed.


The ScubaForce pressure gauges are made of high quality brass and chrome, offering perfect protection against corrosion.

The brass case with tempered glass offer extreme durability and can be used with or without the rubber housing, which is particularly appreciated by technical divers.

The double-welded Bourdon-Berryllium tube offers a high degree of measurement, accuracy, reliability and remains calibrated even after use in the harshest environments.

The diameter of the pressure gauge is 52 mm (2 inches). Viton O-rings are included as standard. Available for different pressure ranges, for use with oxygen and with white or black face.

  • ScubaForce SPG - 360 bar
  • ScubaForce SPG Oxygen - 360 bar
  • ScubaForce SPG - 300 bar
  • ScubaForce SPG black 300 bar




With PSI display.

The popular ScubaForce SPG's are available with PSI display as well.

  • ScubaForce SPG black - 5000 PSI
  • ScubaForce SPG - 5000 PSI
  • ScubaForce SPG Oxygen Slim Line - 5000 PSI



Slim Line SPG'S - SF2

Small and Nice.

The Slim Line pressure gauges are included with the SF2 ECCR, i.e. in an area where measurement accuracy and reliability have top priority.

Made from a piece of nickel-plated brass and equipped with a Beryllium copper tube ensures that the Slim Line pressure gauge has a compact, low profile design.

The polycarbonate, Parallax lens is etremely durable and offers excellent clarity for maximum readability. 

Diameter 45 mm (1.5").

  • SPG Slim Line SF2 diluent (incl. Swivel) / incl. 80cm or 90cm HP hose and cover
  • SPG Slim Line SF2 diluent black (incl. Swivel) / incl. 80cm or 90cm HP hose and cover
  • SPG Slim Line SF2 oxygen (incl. Swivel) / incl. 80cm or 90cm HP hose and cover



Whenever you pressurise a mechanical gauge, it's possible that the tiny Bourdon Tube inside the gauge housing will crack and instantly release tank pressure in to the body of the gauge. This is a rare occurrence in modern submersible pressure gauges (SPG) but can happen with any pressure-measuring device. When a failure does occur parts of the gauge, especially the face, can become a dangerous projectile. Best practice is to always open tank valves very slowly and to position yourself out of the direct line of any pressure gauge. While opening the tank valve, look away from the gauge and also do not hold the gauge housing itself in your hand or against your body.