SF-2 ECCR Accessories

Manual Add Block

Manual Add Blocks

This is what jewelry looks like for divers. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the SF2 ManualAdds make a good impression everywhere. Control via inflator button. 9/16 UNF thread on the external gas side. 2 x 3/8 UNF thread on the internal side gas supply and gas discharge.

3/8 UNF<=> 9/16 UNF / Inflator Button / One-Way Valve

The right accessories for the Manual Add. The 3/8 UNF to 9/16 UNF adapter allows the direct hose connection. The inflator button (Manual Add Button) controls the blocks, and the Way Valve will enable you to add external gas via a Quick Disconnect.


SF2 Handle

The practical carrying aid for the SF2. Stainless steel powder-coated. Indestructible.


Head Whipper

The ultimate help to open the SF2. Start, press: OPEN.



Hose Cover Set

This is valuable extra protection for the SF2 Loop. This is a two-piece cover. It is made of robust Cordura with a large embroidered logo.



Team Adapter

Team Awareness and preparation are essential things in technical diving. The Team Adapters allow the sharing of off-board gas via regular inflator hoses. They are made of high-quality stainless steel. Threads 3/8 UNF and 9/16 UNF are both females.


EW 80

Hygienic cleaning not only for the SF2 but for all diving equipment. EW 80 is concentrated; it cleans effectively and is cost-effective.



High-quality stickers for oxygen and diluent tanks. Light and water resistant. 24.5 x 5.8 cm. (10 x 2,5 inches)