Si Tech

Silicone exchange systems for arms

Quick Cuff

The Quick Cuff change system transforms your drysuit into a modular platform to which both silicone and latex cuffs can be installed. In addition, the system provides the ability to change a torn or worn cuff in minutes without tools or glue.

Matching glove systems:

  • Quick Cuff System
  • Glove Lock QCP


Quick Cuff Oval

The QCS OVAL brings all the features of the Quick Cuff. The oval shape and narrow design make it compact and comfortable.

Matching glove system:

  • Antares Dry Dive Glove System



The Släggö system is also a modular base. But the rings are much more flexible. In our opinion, the best choice for those whose priority is the quick-change system.

Matching glove system:

  • Oberon glove system

Dry Glove System


The Antares glove system is a slim and minimalist dry minimalist drysuit glove system with an oval ring design.
It offers a minimal and comfortable design. The SCUBA FORCE Dry Gloves fit perfectly with the Antares system.


Quick Glove

Quick Glove is the original in the SI TECH line of dry glove systems. A user-friendly and versatile squeeze-on system. ON by squeezing. Off by turning the releasering with one hand. The SCUBA FORCE Dry Gloves fits perfectly with the Quick Glove System.



Oberon is the latest dry glove system from Si Tech. A user-friendly and versatile bayonet system that is locked
and also opened again by turning. The Oberon system fits the Släggö changing approach.

Quick Change Neck System




The Orust System is a soft and flexible modular quick-release neck seal solution!
The design provides excellent comfort and can be mounted in various drysuits.
The neck and locking ring are smooth, and clips are added to hold the neck seal.
The seal and locking ring can be easily mounted into the PU ring by hand.
The Orust neck system can be used with silicone and latex neck cuffs.
A defective cuff can be changed in a few minutes at the dive site - without tools or glue.