Drysuits - Accessories


The Warm Neck Hood is the ideal complement to our dry suits with the large neoprene thermal collar. Made of high-quality, soft neoprene, it fits perfectly to the face and offers the best insulation properties. To increase wearing comfort, a thinner neoprene is processed in the mouth and chin area. All seams are blind stitched and glued. The hood is ventilated. The collar is extra-long in the back area so that it does not slip out during diving.

Available in 5mm and 8mm and the following sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


Drysuit bag

The practical bag for the dry suit includes all SCUBA FORCE dry suits but is also available separately.

Made of robust Cordura, it offers optimal protection.

The round zipper makes it possible to open the bag entirely, so it can also be used as a changing mat. Inside there is a small compartment for wax, grease and talc. 



The exhaust valve Argo is finely adjustable and easy to use, even with thick gloves. The airflow is exceptionally high, which allows the suit to be perfectly tared in any situation. The rotating inlet valve Shell Every single valve goes through quality control. Even with thick gloves, the inlet knob can be easily operated.



New in 2023 is our ROCKBOOT, perfect for those who need a stable boat.

Whether over boulders to the dive site, longer ways to the entrance, dry places in caves or just to climb a boat ladder safely after the dive.

The Rockboot can be ordered separately in combination with our neoprene socks.

Available in the following sizes: EU 38 - 48 or US 6 - 14.5

SHADOW Neopren Boot 6,5 mm

Very warm and sturdy boot made of soft 6.5 mm neoprene with a firm outsole.

The neoprene boot has no zipper, so it fits perfectly even with stronger ankles.

Available in the following sizes: EU 36 - 48 or US 4 - 14.5

Argon Set

The perfect set for the backplate with huge volume.

The set consists of the 1.8-liter steel cylinder; a pressure reducer with a pressure relief valve; a 55 cm inflator hose, and the argon straps for the backplate.

The pressure reducer has a G5/8 thread but is only suitable for filling the dry suit.


Argon Straps Backplate

For secure mounting on the backplate. The integrated anti-slip rubber pad ensures fast support of the cylinder. A slight variation in cylinder size is possible thanks to the adjustable Velcro strap.

Available in two sizes:

  • 0,85 Liter / 6 Cuft
  • 1,5 Liter / 14 cuft

Argon Straps Double Tank

For secure attachment of the argon cylinder to the double tank. Argon cylinders with a size of 1.5 -3 liters and 14 Cuft (aluminum). For double tanks with diameter:

  • 140 mm double tank (7 liters & 8.5 liters long)
  • 171 mm double tank (10 liters & 12 liters long)