xpedition se



Maximum protection for maximum flexibility!



The development of the SCUBA FORCE Xpedition SE focused on two requirements: maximum protection with maximum flexibility.

The SCUBA FORCE "Double Seal Technology" in which all seams are sealed and double sealed with a machine-applied hotmelt tape, convinced even with its predecessor the Xpedition. 

The SCUBA FORCE Xpedition SE has a protection package that meets even the highest demands and the most adverse environments. 

  • All overlays and protective elements in the SE version are made of sturdy and abrasion-resistant Kevlar and are fitted with double stitching.
  • The combined leg and knee protection protects the front of the legs from damage, even in extreme environments. 
  • Special attention is on the three-piece upper body overlay and the four-part crotch and buttocks protection.

Due to this very complex but in the end highly effective production process, the overlay elements individually to install, a maximum protection value with maximum mobility is achieved. The XPB bags have been specially redesigned for the SE variant and are now available in two sizes. They can be pressed together and remain in shape thanks to Velcro closures so that the diver can variably adjust the bag size to fit his contents. Especially sidemount divers will be thrilled.

The Xpedition SE trim criteria:

SOPS – Splitted Overlay Protection System

The XPEDITION SE features the Splitted Overlay Protection System - SOPS, made entirely of high-quality and extremely durable Kevlar. The system protects the suit in all exposed areas (shoulders, back, arms, zipper, crotch, buttocks and legs) without restricting mobility.


Perfect Fit & Sizes

The new diagonal metal BDM front zipper combined with a telescope torso provides the SCUBA FORCE Xpedition SE for a perfect fit. This combination also allows an independent dressing and undressing. The SCUBA FORCE Xpedition SE comes in five women's and ten men's sizes. Of course, it is also available as a tailored suit (Made to Measure / Custom Made).

Available in the following sizes

Women's Sizes: S, M, L
Asian Sizes: S, SL, ML, MS
Men's sizes: S, M, ML, L, LL, XLS, XL, XXL
Asian Sizes: S, SL, M, ML, MS, L, LL


Unique Boot Selection

Select between two different styles at no additional charge. Choose between Dry Boots or Slim Line Boots, depending on the application or individual preference.
The size of your boot can be customized for the perfect fit.

Choose without extra charge between three different BOOT types and sizes. Dry Boots, Slim Line Boots or Socks with Kevlar coating.

Available in the following sizes:

DRY BOOTS:38/39; 39/40; 40/41; 41/42;42/43; 43/44; 44/45; 45/46; 47/48; 48/50
Slim Line Boots:2XS; XS; S; M, L, XL;XXL; 3XL; 4XL; 5XL
Supratex Socks:S; M; L; XL; XXL; 3XL


Expandable XBP Pockets

The SCUBA FORCE Xpedition SE has two large expandable XBP pockets, these are available in two sizes (standard and small, depending on body size). The large-volume bags offer the diver (in both sizes) enough space for additional equipment required. A reinforcement in the pocket lid increases the grip and facilitates handling even with thick gloves. Built-in straps made of durable webbing (in the main and lid pockets) allow for secure attachment of the accessories and simplify handling. These can be extended at any time with bungees. The expandable XBP pockets have a separate inner pocket in which, for example, Wetnotes can be stowed.


Additional Features

  • Latex cuffs, arm and neck, sizes S - XL
  • Neoprene and silicone cuffs (SITECH) - at extra cost
  • ScubaForce Argo and Shell, High Performance Inlet and Outlet Valves
  • ScubaForce VegaValve - combined intake valve with E / O Cord - for an extra charge
  • Sturdy suspenders system
  • Integrated waistband
  • big embroidered heat collar
  • Triangle - crotch strap
  • BDM metal zipper (YKK) - protective zipper (YKK)
  • Name patch on the pocket - at extra charge 

Scuba Force Carrying Bag

The Scuba Force carrying bag comes with the drysuit and is an innovative concept that allows for a great method of storing and transporting your drysuit and then once at the dive site, opens to reveal a great changing mat for on-the-go convenience.


Additional Extras

Name badges:

Add your individual name badge to your dry suit


Wrist Cuffs and Neck Collars:

Choose from three different materials for your wrist and neck seals,
whatever material you prefer.

Neoprene - Latex - SI-Tech


Adequate hydration is essential to proper decompression. A Pee-Valve offers you the peace of mind to properly hydrate long before the dive without any worries. The Scuba Force Pee-Valve features an extremely low-profile construction (outer body only 0.3”).  The one-way check valve is integrated into the inner body.  The large diaphragm diameter reduces resistance while urinating, to a minimum.