Black Devils - Accessoires and Tools

Black Devil Argon Set

For filling the dry suit (DO NOT use as regulator!)


Argon Set

  • 2 low-pressure connections (3/8" - 24 UNF)
  • Scubaflex 55cm IFH with pressure relief
  • valves
  • corrosion resistant brass
  • nickel plated and chrome plated
  • connection Din 200 Bar


Black Devil spare parts


Easily adjustable and flexible strap for the 2nd stage. So the back up regulator is always ready to hand. Suitable for any mouthpiece of the 2nd stage.


Comfortable silicone mouthpiece with a soft palate for a comfortable fit and jaw and bite relief.

Replacement Caps

Replacement cap 2nd stage, available in black and Octopus yellow.

Protection bag

Our sturdy deluxe regulator bag protects your regulators. The regulator pocket has a carrying handle and inside a zippered pocket for spare parts as well as a separate mesh compartment. The dimensions are: 33 cm x 9 cm x 24 cm

Black Devil Regulator Service Kits

Of course, there are also professional service kits for all our regulators. Sensibly packaged and with 1:1 size templates of the individual parts on the back. Just as it should be!

Workshop Accessoires

Tool Set

A tool set from professionals for professionals. Fits the first and second stages of the most diverse brands. Supplied with spare O-rings and handwheel tool.

Adjustment tool for the 2nd stage

Medium pressure tester for the 1st stage and adjustment tool for the2. Stage in one tool! The tool is connected directly to the medium-pressure hose of the 2nd stage. Display up to 15 bar/ 200 PSI

Medium pressure tester

Standard inflator connection for quick checking of the medium pressure of the 1st stage. Scaling in bar/PSI up to 15 bar.

O-ring lifting kit with silicone grease

Every regulator technician knows that chromeplated brass, used for many diving products, is a soft metal. Therefore, it is also essential to know that when working on life support equipment, a high-carbon steel or stainless-steel lifter should never be used, as regulators can be irreparably damaged by scratches and gouges. This set is ideal for removing O-rings without damage. Includes silicone grease and two cleaning brushes.