The development

Keep It Simple!

The vision became a mission, and the mission was finally a reality. This is evident at first glance: Compact, streamlined, easy to operate, and to control in any situation.

The SF2 ECCR is unique in many respects. Its development has several years and countless test dives. And numerous test dives. In the end, a rebreather has been that has no equal!

Of course, the SF2 ECCR can be used for recreational diving, but technical diving was the focus of its development. Focus. Technical diving focuses on two ideas redundancy and control.

For every potential problem, the SF2 ECCR offers at least one response option, and the diver controls the rebreather - not the other way and vice versa. During the development of the SF2 ECCR, the diver deliberately technical equipment that is not necessary. Less is often more, especially in technical diving, often more.

#The essential components are of the highest quality down to the smallest detail. Shearwater controllers, Fischer connectors of the latest generation (potted and longitudinally watertight), real carbon tubes, coax cables with gold-plated SMB connectors, CNC precision parts.

Made in Germany. Our new HUD (specifications see following pages) comes standard with the SF2 ECCR. As standard.

Apart from Shearwater, 99% of the parts come from Germany, where the SF2 ECCR is also manufactured.

This guarantees the highest manufacturing and quality standard for every single recirculation unit.