X-Heat Pads

The revolutionary heart of the Scuba Force X-Heat-System®.

The Textile Heating System consists of woven, electrically conductive silver threads that ensure maximum mobility. The cords do not pose a risk of breakage like conventional heating cables. Using ultrasound technology welded into a 100%
waterproof Cordura cover, there is no risk of short circuits even if water enters the suit. In addition, the surface temperature directly on the heating pad does not go higher than 44°C.


  • Material Pad: Textile Heating System®
  • Material Cover: Cordura
  • Waterproof weld
  • 90 degree cable angle; IP 68 Protected
  • Suitable for batteries 9 to 12V, Total power 60 Watts
  • Surface temperature directly on the pad (30 watts per pad – at 12 V), max. 44°C




Vega Valve

Vega inlet valve and heating lead through – the compact combination solution for diving in cold conditions. Both ports can
be rotated, which ensures a perfect hose configuration. The inflator button is easy to find and use. There is a standard E / O cord on the outside and a connector for the X-Heat system on the inside.



Apeks Heating feed-through

The tightening grommet of the Scuba Force X-Heat heating system is made of POM, suitable for Apeks inlet valves and equipped with an E / O Cord 18/2 SVO. Compatible with all standard batteries that are fitted with E / O cords. The cable gland with kink protection of the Scuba Force tightening bushing is protected to IP 68, just like the connector between the tightening bushing and the heating pad.




A cable that can be plugged in underwater
with a diameter of 5.8 mm and a length of
120 cm.



Blind Plug Mini

Protective cap for all E / O cord connections. Small and

Blind plug mini 



Waterproof plug connection. Male and female connectors in a set.