Your Basics!



The Base Layer of 100 Possibilities

Soft - Flexibel - Warm

The single-layer Arctic X-Basic undersuit is made of the same material as our other undersuits: Tecnostretch. However, the material combines many favorable properties. Tecnostretch is a light, soft fabric that, thanks to its lattice structure, enables breathability with high insulation values and is highly comfortable to wear. Thanks to these outstanding material properties, the Arctic X-Basic is a highly
comfortable and flexible undergarment. When used as functional underwear or combined with an additional undergarment like the Arctic X-pure, it offers the ideal solution for long and cold dives!

  • Set of pants and top
  • Made from high-quality premium elastic fleece
  • Medium-high insulation
  • Super elastic
  • Extremely breathable and wind resistant
  • Antiallergic
  • Washable at 30°C

Available sizes:

  • XXS - 3XL (UNISEX)

Extreme Breathability

The Power Fleece keeps the skin dry even during physical exertion and allows the water vapor to find its way outside. Thanks to its high comfort level, the
X-Basic is the ideal companion under a neoprene dry suit.



  • Material: Power Fleece Full Stretch
  • Set consisting of shirt and pants
  • Size: XS – XXL (unisex)
  • Isolation capability: medium
  • Bi-elastic
  • Extremely breathable
  • Wind resistant
  • Washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comes in a dry bag
Undergarment Bag

size chart X-Basic / X-Heat