A HEAD UP DISPLAY the way it should be. Simple, compact and robust. The SCUBA FORCE HUD is characterized by high-quality components and the best workmanship. The 3 LED lights permanently inform the diver about his PP02 and the status of his individual oxygen cells. The holder can be easily attached to almost any breathing set. Both the battery and all of the electronics are in the case. The HUD is supplied with a SAFT 14500 that can easily be exchanged by the user himself. The connection is made via a Fischer socket. This means that the HUD can be connected to any rebreather that is equipped with Fischer cables. The case has two fastening slots and thus offers a wide range of fastening options. It is operated via a piezo switch.





Type:                                       FISCHER LED HUD

Weight:                                   270 gr

Dimension CASE:                  8,5 x 6,0 x 3,0 cm

(Length – Width - Height)

Length of the cable:                115 cm

Battery:                                   SAFT 14500

Material:                                 Delrin

Connector:                              Fischer

Steering:                                 Piezzo Switch

Accessories (included):          Bag, LED Holder, Spare O-Rings