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arctic x-pure  

The Arctic X-Pure is made from two layers of Tecnostretch. The material combines many favourable properties. Tecnostretch is a light, soft fabric that enables breathability with high insulation values thanks to its lattice structure. Both layers of material are sewn separately to achieve maximum insulation values. The material is supplemented at critical points (such as the chest, back, arms and knees) by a pressure-resistant spacer fabric.
The Arctic X-Pure is a highly comfortable and highly mobile undergarment. With milder water temperatures, the X- Pure is best used under a trilaminate suit. The X- Pure becomes the perfect and versatile all-rounder in combination with the ARCTIC X-Basic.


  • Material: Two layers TECNOSTRETCH (300gr)
  • Pressure-resistant spacer fabric
  • Solid two-way zipper
  • High insulation capacity
  • Super Elastic
  • Extremely breathable and wind resistant
  • Washable at 30°C

Extreme Breathability

The highly functional material keeps the skin dry even during physical exertion and transports moisture away from the body.

Perfect wearing comfort

It is the ideal companion due to its high comfort level, paired with extremely high insulation properties
under a trilaminate dry suit in moderate water temperatures.

  • Material: two layers of Premium Elastic Fleece 
  • Available Sizes: XXS - XXXL (Unisex) also ML, LL, XLS
  • Solid two-way zipper
  • Two zip pockets
  • Insulation capacity: very high
  • Bi-elastic
  • Extremely breathable
  • Wind resistant
  • Washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pee Valve implementation (left and right)
  • Comes in a dry bag
Undergarment Bag


size chart X-NINE X-PURE