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The Power-Duo

The Arctic X-Nine is the warmest and most agile undergarment on the market. Combining two layers of Tecnostretch with an additional 400 Type B ThinsulateTM filling in the torso area ensures previously unattained insulation values.
The combination of these two materials promises an exceptionally high level of protection against the cold and a very high level of comfort. Both layers of material are sewn separately to achieve maximum insulation values. The result: a highly comfortable, extremely flexible, breathable and washable undergarment based on the sandwich principle.


  • Made of two layers of Tecnostretch fleece
  • 400 Type B ThinsulateTM filling in the torso
  • 200 Type B ThinsulateTM filling in arm/leg area
  • Solid two-way zipper
  • Very high insulation capability
  • Super-elastic
  • Extremely breathable and wind-resistant
  • Washable at 30°C

Available sizes:

  • XXS - 3XL (UNISEX)

ARCTIC X-NINE - Our answer against the cold

Due to the high level of comfort and excellent insulation properties, the Arctic X-Nine is the ideal companion under a trilaminate dry suit. In addition, it is particularly suitable for diving in icy waters, as the protection against the cold is so high thanks to the unique combination of materials.

Extreme breathability

The Premium Elastic Fleece steadily protects the skin from moisture.

High wearing comfort

Thanks to the high wearing comfort combined with extremely high insulation characteristics, it is the ideal companion when diving with a trilaminate dry suit. Thanks to the special material combination the ACRTIC X-NINE offers the ideal solution for long and warm dives – especially in colder waters.


The X -Nine model comes with:

  • two pockets in the leg area
  • one zippered pocket on right upper arm 
  • one zippered pocket in the chest area

Knee and Elbow patches

Even better insulation properties through the use of 200g Type B Thinsulate™ in the leg (thigh and knee) and arm (elbow).

X-nine knee patches

Pee Valve Implementation

The X-NINE has two passages in optimum position for Pee Valve and/or heating implementation.

x-nine p-valve implementation


  • One-piece suit
  • Material: 2 layers of Premium Elastic Fleece 
  • 400g original 3M™ Type B - Thinsulate™ filling
  • 200g original 3M™ Type B - Thinsulate™ filling (thigh, knees, elbow)
  • Available Sizes: XXS – XXXL (unisex)
  • Also available in following sizes: ML, LL, XLS
  • Solid two-way zipper
  • Two pockets in the leg area
  • Zippered pocket on right upper arm and left chest area
  • Insulation capability: high
  • Bi-elastic
  • Extremely breathable
  • Wind resistant
  • Washable
  • Comes with a dry bag
Undergarment Bag

size chart X-NINE X-PURE



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