BRIGHT Canister

Full Power: 23,8 A h simply speak for themselves!

Perfection down to the smallest detail. Whether as a battery tank for your heating system or power supply for your lamp head: The BRIGHT Canister offers everything the demanding diver desires!




Compact Form, a lot of Power

Thanks to high-quality lithium ion batteries, with a length of only 250mm and a diameter of 68mm, the canister can be easily accommodated and is super compact and lightweight. Another highlight is the three-stage dimming, which is controlled by a piezzo switch (stages: 50%; 75% 100%). The three-stage dimming allows the individual adjustment of the light intensity to any diving condition.

The feed-through for the webbing was integrated directly into the canister using state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC manufacturing. The sealing is achieved via two axial O-rings in the head area. The latest generation E/O cords are protected by a metal bend protection.

A material combination of seawater-resistant, anodised aluminium and high-density Delrin makes it super resistant and durable with best performance!



BRIGHT Light Head

Compact, lightweight and yet incredibly bright!

Whether crystal clear or full of floating particles, the BRIGHT always provides the right light for every water condition. The main feature is the CREE high-performance electronics with a luminous intensity up to 4000 lumens.

Weighing only 530g and with a length of 140mm (incl. bend protection), the Bright Light Head fits incredibly well in the hand. This is of course also due to the high-quality Goodman handle, which can be adjusted to the diver's hand in both, height and width.

The Goodman Handle

The high-quality Goodman Handle is adjustable in all directions and therefore can be quickly adapted to different situations, such as thicker or thinner gloves.

The Goodman Handle was designed for the BRIGHT, with two M4 screws holding the head. It is also available for purchase separately. With other lamp heads, it must be clarified in advance whether the holder fits.




Choose from two sets

The BRIGHT Canister Light Set with Goodman Handle

Including: Battery Canister with E/O cord, Light Head with E/O cord, Goodman Handle, Charger, Spare O-Rings, Protection Case.

The BRIGHT Battery Canister Set 23,8 Ah with Charger

Including: Battery Canister with E/O cord, Charger, Spare O-Rings, Protection Case.



The BRIGHT Canister Light Set & the BRIGHT Battery Canister Set are delivered in our new Protection Case. The name tells the story here: the valuable contents are perfectly protected!


With a size of 35 x 25 x 8 cm, the case offers enough space.

Scuba Force BRIGHT Set





Light Head

Protection Case


Canister Head


Bend protection

Light Head





Operating Time

Light Head

X-Heat System

Beam angle







Length: 250mm (310 w/ bend protection); Diameter: 68mm; E/O Cord: 90 cm

Length: 80mm (140 w/ bend protection); Diameter: 55mm; E/O Cord: 25cm

35 x 25 x 8 cm


Anodised Aluminium



Anodised Aluminium

Piezzo Switch

3-Stage Dimming (100%,75%,50%)

23,8 Ah; 257 Wh

Lithium Ions 3S7P


100%: 400 min; 75%: 550 min; 50%: 830 min

100%: 210 min; 75%: 279 min; 50%: 419 min

CREE XHP70 (4000 Lumen)

Charging cable w/ US-Adapter

Canister: 1740 gr

Light Head:480 gr


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