SCUBAFORCE Bright light

SCUBAFORCE Bright light
The name says it all, the SCUBAFORCE BRIGHT is one of the brightest handlights currently available on the market.

ScubaForce Power Light

ScubaForce Power Light
The ScubaForce Power Light is a reliable dive companion. Thanks to the unique aluminum reflector producing a flawless beam, you have a clear view even in extremely dark diving conditions. Designed for maximum ease of use, rotary control provides easy handling even with thick dry suit gloves and the grip surface supports high handling comfort.

Item-No.: SFPL I 

ScubaForce Power Light II

Aluminum alloy, hard anodized

ScubaForce Power Light II

The SCUBAFORCE Powerlight is your reliable diving companion. The unique aluminum reflector produces a perfect beam, so you’ll get the brightest light even in the darkest conditions.


Item-No.: SFBL I




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