Black Devil Regulator Sidemount 1st Stage

Black Devil Regulator Sidemount 1st Stage

Scubaforce BlackDevil Regulator

Overcompensated diaphragm regulator - perfect
breathing comfort even at greater depths. Five low
pressure (3/8“ - 24 UNF) - two high pressure ports (7/16”
- 20 UNF) and rotating head. Optimal hose routing
for doubles and stage bottles. Integrated cold water
protection kit keeps the 1st stage clean and dry. Made
of corrosion-resistent brass, nickel plated and chrome
plated. Outstanding and reliable performance for the
demanding needs of technical and engineering cold
water dives. Medium pressure 9.5 - 10.2 bar. Din 300 bar.

Black Devil Regulator Sidemount 1st Stage


·         Over-balanced diaphragm design delivers superior breathing performance Even at increased depths.

·         Made with corrosion resistant marine brass, chrome plated finish.

·         Superior and reliable performance to meet with technical diver requirement as well as the demanding needs of the Cold Water diver.

·         Intermediate pressure: 135-145 PSI. ( 9.5-10.2 bar )

·         High pressure port: ( 7/16”-20 UNF ) x 2

·         Low pressure port: ( 3/8”-24 UNF ) x 5 (1x in the swiveling turret)

·         Din 300 bar

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